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Every BODY has different needs when it comes to exercise. Working as a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, my clients train for THEIR  bodies. If you have tendonitis, loose joints, arthritis, back, hip, or shoulder issues, then the specific exercise and the specific form count tremendously and makes all the difference in our success for maintaining a consistent and progressive exercise routine. Training one on one provides complete personalization to meet my clients needs and goals from proper warm ups, to strength training, to cardio endurance and flexibility. 

The most important thing that I would like you to know about me is that I care about YOUR fitness.  Staying active, fit and comfortable in our own body is so important for physical, mental and emotional health.  Exercising goes well beyond the weight room!  A good exercise program can improve mood, muscle and bone strength, balance, how you sleep at night, energy level and focus during the day, weight loss and can help to reduce chronic disease.  The benefits of exercise are many and I am so happy to be a part of this physical fitness community.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and my playground was our neighborhood.  We played outside until the streetlights came on at dark.  My early career was in advertising working both in  NYC and Atlanta for Advertising Agencies.  I always continued to exercise at home or at the gym.  After having children, I wanted to pursue fitness as my career.  I studied for my Certification for Personal Training through NASM, the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  After that, I began working as a Personal Trainer.  I have since added additional certifications including Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement and Nutrition for Fitness Professionals.

(see list of certifications on this sight)

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NASM Certified Personal  Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Perfomance Enhancement  Specialist

Madd Dog Athletics Certified Cycle Instructor

TRX Certified

FitFixNow: Continuing Education Class Certifications

Nutrition for Fitness professionals 

Teaching Weight Loss

Fall Prevention for Seniors

Training in the Golden Years: The Midas Touch

Training with Injuries

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My Services

All training is done virtually in the comfort of your home on Zoom.  Our first meeting is a complimentary consultation where we discuss your fitness goals, lifestyle and habits, injuries and physical ailments that may impact your exercise as well as your availability for scheduling exercise into your day.  We will also perform some strength, balance and flexibility assessments which will help direct the design of your fitness program.  Equally as important as what you do in your program is the commitment and motivation that we develop in this process as a joyful and productive habit.  I am dedicated to that process with you!

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See What Some of Sharman's Clients Have to Say

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I have been blessed to work with Sharman for over eight years now. Not only is she warm and kind, she is also a very knowledgeable fitness professional who is constantly updating her expertise with the latest science and recommendations. She is especially focused on proper form and avoiding injury - which as I get older, I appreciate more and more!

Her workouts are inventive, creative, varied and build strength and balance in every way possible. I have never truly “enjoyed" exercise, but I look forward to seeing Sharman every session - she makes it fun and I’m in better shape in my 50’s than I was in my 20’s. I could not recommend her more strongly - she will listen to you, challenge you and fully invest herself in helping you reach your goals.


Sharman won my heart the first time we met when she gave me a number of stretches that immediately loosened up parts of my body that I had been working on for quite a while. She is an excellent trainer who has become the major motivator in my life for keeping me on a regular exercise program.
She is very skilled at remembering over time my particular needs and has tailored my sessions perfectly to my age and ability. She thinks quickly on her feet and is able to change an exercise or an entire session in response to my feedback on how my body is feeling in the moment. She has an eagle eye that is always paying attention to making certain I am using the correct form.
I have worked out in a gym for many years and I am really enjoying the opportunity to work virtually with her. Sharman has recommended some very inexpensive small equipment that I was able to add to my home to enhance our workouts. I love that she routinely provides me with an easy to follow written outline of each of our new sessions that I can use to exercise on my own whenever the spirit moves me.
Sharman is extremely reliable, always showing up with a smile on her face making me feel like she is genuinely happy to see me as well as train me.
I highly recommend Sharman. Make an appointment with her to discuss your individual needs. You’ll be glad you did.


I have been very fortunate to work with Sharman since December 2012. She is knowledgeable and conscientious, she creatively tailors routines, and does all this in a warm and flexible way.


I've worked with Sharman for about three years and the experience  allows me to strengthen my core muscles, calm my mind after sessions and be more attuned to my body's responses and functions.  Sharman is a true professional - she carefully plans our one hour sessions, each session has a purpose, and she's a positive force during the workouts.  I am healthier as a result.


Sharman is not only a great trainer, but she is also very adept at working with and around any injuries, health issues or idiosyncrasies to keep you moving and improving, no matter what.  In addition, she has eagle eyes over Zoom, allowing her to suggest subtle adjustments to improve form and maximize performance as if she were in the room. Amazing!


I have been training with Sharman for over a year now.   I love working with her!  She challenges me more each time we meet with new exercises and different stretches.  She’s always encouraging me to push myself and she keeps mixing up our workouts so I don’t get bored.   She also chooses the right weights for me for different exercises and always reminds me of proper form.   She’s mindful of a back injury that I had years ago, making sure that I don’t injure myself again.   Sharman is funny and engaging and has shown me that being strong is within my reach!    I would recommend Sharman as a personal trainer without reservation to anyone who wants to be fitter, stronger and healthier.


If you're thinking about working with a virtual trainer look no more.  Sharman is a great trainer and will work with you on meeting your individual needs.  I have been working with Sharman for almost three years and it's been the best thing I could have done.  Sharman is a wonderful person, she is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her clients, she will mix up your workouts and challenge you.  She is very patient with you as you work with new work outs and will work with you until you feel confident in each of your exercises so you can continue to do them on your own.


I've had very few trainers in my athletic life as dedicated, prepared, and fun as Sharman.  She always has a smile on her face ready to teach great technique while pushing me beyond what I would have done on my own.  She comes prepared for each session with well thought out movements specifically designed for me and my reconstructed knee.  Whether you are a college athlete looking to increase your performance or a senior wanting to keep up your flexibility and strength, I can think of fewer people I would trust to train me than Sharman.


Sharman is simply the best!!  You won’t find a more qualified, attentive and fun trainer.  I’ve been with Sharman for over 7 years, and despite transitioning from in-person to remote sessions because of COVID, we haven’t missed a beat.  Sharman makes our workouts so much fun but also challenging at the same time.  She is always changing up the programs so that they continue to challenge my muscles, and so that they never get boring.  Sharman is patient and caring and even at the last minute, happily adjusts my workouts depending on what I want to focus on or any injuries that crop up.  I have Sharman to thank in large part for my health and my strength!



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